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Ethernet Switches

As part of our product portfolio we can also supply and install a range of Ethernet switches. Dependant on the use, and quantity of users etc. we can supply a switch to suit your requirement.

The emerging popularity of switching products can be viewed as a resurgence of bridge technology in a simpler, lower-cost, and higher-performance device with many more ports being supported. Most switches may operate at wire speed, providing much better performance than a traditional bridge.  Unlike a bridge, a switch can forward data with very low latency, providing performance that is closer to single-LAN performance than bridged-LAN performance.

Ethernet Switches come in a variety of shapes and forms - ranging from the simplest low cost devices with a small number of ports to expensive high performance switches with a wealth of features to control and manage the data transmission in large networks.

A low cost stackable 10 Mbps Ethernet-only switch for economical work group performance enhancement manufactured by 3COM

A typical mid-range equipment available in 12- and 24-port versions. The LinkSwitch 1000 from 3COM provides wire-speed 10 Mbps on all switched Ethernet ports and a high-speed 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet "up link" connection towards the network core.

A typical small 100 Mbps switch, in this case the SuperStack II 3000 from 3COM with 8 100BTX ports. and one modular slot for a high speed (e.g. 100BFX fibre) up link.

At the centre (or core) of a large enterprise network, modular switches are often used. Such equipment is generally connected to less expensive switches or hubs which provide the connections to individual users. The modular switches provide high speed packet processing and a range of security / management functions. The modular design allows additional interface card to be added as the network expands or new types of network (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet) are added.

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